It's as fast as a text editor.

The video editor that's so easy

anyone can use it! |

Edit video as naturally as text

Screenplay gives you an auto-generated transcription of all the speech in your whole video file.
All you have to do next is use the familiar text editor interface to trim, cut, and rearrange text to create your brand new video!

Screenshot of interface

The simple interface lets you remove, highlight, cut, copy, paste and rearrange your video content. You can also edit the generated transcription and export it for subtitles!

Simple but Powerful

Screenplay is ideal for anyone looking to quickly edit long video files down to remove fluff or highlight the best bits.


cut down interviews


trim lecture recordings


make highlight reels


chop stuff up, make fake news


Screenplay is in alpha right now and is totally free to try and play around with. Give it a go!

Screenplay screenshot